ICF Chiba Toastmasters Club

■カテゴリ:語学・国際交流 - 英語

■主な活動場所:船橋中央公民館など Mainly at Funabashi Chuo Komin-kan

Encouragement is the key word to our club.
***お問い合わせ、見学ご希望の方は、tm.funabashi@gmail.com または「この団体について」タブから「問い合わせ」フォームをご利用ください。
*** 2021年1月現在、オンライン(Zoom)で開催しています。

Level-1 (mutual) Evaluation Sample

Transcript of Movie
This is taken from TMI HP Basecamp sample movie of evaluation.
Thank you for sharing your research with us, Michael.

That was a well-delivered speech and I noticed several areas where you have improved since your last speech.

The thing that stood out to me the most during the presentation was the use of hand gestures.
Based on the conversation before the meeting I know this was an area you are specifically focused on.
I could really tell you've been practicing this.
I thought it was particularly effective the way you used your hands to emphasize your opening story about listeners who are bored and disengaged.
It really helped to pull me into the speech.

I know our grammarian was keeping count, but I also noticed that the number of "ums" you used was much less in this speech than in your last.
Good work.

Since this is a research project, one of the goals is to use credible sources and share it with your audience.
I liked the way you did this with your final few tips, but I also noticed that you had no experts credited for your first tip.
It would have been helpful for your audience to know where this tip came from or why you were unable to credit a specific person.

I also noticed that you spoke a bit fast.
I noticed this specifically during your transitions.
This was a time when I was hoping you would slow down to help me go from one thought to the next.
I felt a little rushed.
Pacing might be a good area to focus on when preparing your next speech.

I liked the way you crafted smooth, clear transitions.
This helped me to follow of your speech.

I thought it was particularly effective the way you summed up your previous tips while transitioning into your final tip.

To summarize, I was very impressed by your speech.

I saw a great deal of improvement.

I also see a potential for continued growth as you focus on things like pacing.

Use your strength in providing quality content by sharing all your sources with your audience.

Keep up the good work on hand gestures and a great variety in your vocabulary.

I look forward to hearing more excellent speeches from you in the near future.

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