ICF Chiba Toastmasters Club

■カテゴリ:語学・国際交流 - 英語

■主な活動場所:船橋中央公民館など Mainly at Funabashi Chuo Komin-kan

Encouragement is the key word to our club.
***お問い合わせ、見学ご希望の方は、tm.funabashi@gmail.com または「この団体について」タブから「問い合わせ」フォームをご利用ください。
*** 2021年1月現在、オンライン(Zoom)で開催しています。

Sergeant at Arms Sample Script

Seven points that a sergeant at arms should do and say
at the beginning of a Toastmasters meeting

1. Introduce yourself
2. Welcome everyone (by clapping your hands)
3. Three ground rules
4. Mission
5. The theme (if your club sets a particular theme for each meeting)
6. Introduce the president
7. Shake hands with the president and make your way to your seat

1. Good evening fellow members and guests.
My name is xxxxxxx and today I am going to be the surgeon at arms for
the club.

2. I welcome you all to xxxxxxxx Toastmasters club.

3. There are three ground rules, which are to be followed during this meeting.
1) First please turn off your cellphones or keep them on silent mode.
2) Second do not talk about sex, religion and politics during the meeting.
3) Third please enter and exit only during an applause.

4. The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a supportive and positive
learning experience by which members develop the communication and
leadership skills.

5. (if your club sets a particular theme for each meeting)
You can talk about anything you want to share or you have an opinion
about the theme but make sure that you don't talk about sex, religion and

6. I would like to call the person who will take this meeting forward.
He is a successful businessperson by profession. He is also a district
level speaker.
With a big round of applause please welcome the president of our club,
Toastmaster xxxxxxx.

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