ICF Chiba Toastmasters Club

■カテゴリ:語学・国際交流 - 英語

■主な活動場所:船橋中央公民館など Mainly at Funabashi Chuo Komin-kan

Encouragement is the key word to our club.
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ICF Non-regular Meeting

①Table topic session:
****You will make a short impromptu speech to the question given on the spot.***

②IT(Interactive Talk) session:
***You will discuss the theme with a small group and a group reporter will present summary to all participants.***

........IT Theme :Japan's English Education in Confusion.........

It is true that Japan's English education situation is currently in confusion.
You remember that the introduction of private-sector English tests in a new unified university entrance examination system will be postponed till 2024.

According to the latest annual survey of 100 non-English speaking countries and regions by EF Education First, the English language proficiency level for Japanese was ranked 53rd.

They say that English education urgent reform should be carried out. the Japan Times, "Why Japan's English education is a fiaco".

Q1) What do you think of the postponement of introduction of private-sector English tests?
Q2) What do you think of a fact that Japan has lagged behind other countries in English proficiency level?
Q3) As one of drastic measures for improving Japan's English education;
What do you think of an idea that English teachers should be replaced with those who can speak English?
■日時:2019年12月14日(土) 18時15分~20時15分  
■場所:Funabashi Chuo Kominkan 船橋中央公民館(市民文化ホールと同じ建物)
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